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❝ Why children need to believe in these guys is one of the most beautiful things that’s happened in our culture. There’s something really lovely and poetic in saying, ‘Kids, there’s something better out there.’ But the beauty is in the belief of it. And when you reach a certain age, you realize that’s really what it’s about. It’s about believing in something grander, or something more heroic. It’s about believing in what could be…And that’s amazing to me. ❞

- William Joyce talking about the Guardians (via nosceteipsum000)


Wally made a face at the comparison. He loved hamburgers, and now Jack was comparing them to bugs. 



The little speedster got up quickly at the other boy’s request, however, shrugging. If you say so.He gave Velocity one last affectionate look, and then took off towards the Titans kitchen area. Snagging an apple from the basket on the counter and a knife from the drawer, Wally carefully (and quickly) diced it to pieces.

He was back in an instant, on the floor next to his turtle without a moment to lose. Sprinkling the apple pieces in front of his turtle, Wally watched intently by Jack’s side.

— - Thanks, by the way. You’re not so bad.



As it turned out the turtle needed no one to keep an eye on it. Velocity hadn’t even managed to lift a leg before Wally was back. Jack blinked at the speedster, confusion, surprise, and amazement flitting behind blue eyes quickly. The kids that lived here had some of the coolest surprises.

Jack was going to have to visit more often.

"That was a cool trick. Remind me never to challenge you to a race." The Guardian turned an apple over between his fingers, put it closer to the turtle, then did it again and again until he had a little trail that lead to the small mound of apple slices.

"And no problem—about the turtle, I mean. It’s kinda my job to protect kids, and sometimes that means protecting their pet turtles too.”

I hate when you hurt yourself doing something stupid and the first thing out of your mouth after you get all the cussing out of your system is

"I fucking deserved that"