"... Maybe just a few kisses. And a cuddle."

"Wait, you’re planning to punish me with a few or give me a few? Because I might just go ahead with my plan, depending on which of those you’re getting at."






b{ased off this X
I could just totally see Jack and Bunny pimping out that bed with flowers so Pitch is supar pretties when he pops on up. XD}

Does anyone know which Dreamworks intellectual properties Studio Mir will be producing for? Or has that yet to be announced?

That was the last thing I expected when I clicked on the Jack Frost tag.

I don't ship jack and the tooth fairy, I just can't but I don't know why

my NOTP too I don’t ship it it’s okay I ship it hard OTP

I have a few reasons for this, but they may not be the same reasons you have. In general, I just really don’t like what they did with Tooth in the film. If you’ve read the novels and you go into ROTG, you would expect a completely different character than what you got. She was whitewashed, forced into this peculiar, flirty, sort of personality you associate with the stereotypical cheerleader. She has a few moments of brilliance, but that’s really not the character.

Tooth in the books was a fucking badass. She wielded swords with deadly prowess. She was regal as fuck and commanded the respect of anyone she came into contact with. Even the other Guardians stood in awe of her.

I have no idea why this character didn’t make it into the movie, but she should have.

With that in mind, that version of Tooth would probably find Jack really, really annoying. She would work with him, even respect him, but she would probably find his flighty, childish nature frustrating. But even where movie Tooth is concerned, I don’t think Jack would’ve ever returned the affections that she obviously seemed to harbor, and I think over time they would settle into a relationship that more closely resembled little brother/big sister.

I’m not sure if anyone will share this sentiment with me, but I also felt that her attraction to him was forced, awkward, and just really unnecessary in general. Like they wanted to stuff a love interest in the movie for Jack, but were scared to commit to the idea.